I am currently a retired ( as of 4/10) speech and language pathologist with a M.A. in Education with a gifted emphasis. I have taught for 39 years, 35 in speech pathology, 4 years in gifted education in Wyoming Public Schools. As I grew more interested in brain research, I became a FASTFORWARD practitioner. This experience allowed me to interface with a variety of learning centers throughout the country. I proceeded to take course work from the Lindamood-Bell company and developed my own style of working with students in the area of speech and reading instruction.

In 2001 I taught in Wyoming’s Title I Summer School, using Lindamood-Bell strategies with 100 students per day. These students proved to have reading difficulties, yet made great gains in just seven weeks. Following this, I piloted a special Program called the WEST (West Early Success Team) with 3 second grade teachers. The purpose of this was to eliminate special education referrals due to literacy problems. This resulted in another success story, which will soon be published. I was also tutoring individual students with reading problems at home. These strategies again proved to correct tangled readers very quickly. Following these successes, I decided to create Ada’s Cool School. The opportunity to remediate children’s speech and reading problems individually was the challenge I had been waiting for.

The driving force behind Ada’s Cool School was my own frustration with schools not teaching students good phonemic awareness skills as building blocks to reading. The whole language method appears popular throughout this area. It seems that many students have unnecessary reading difficulties that go undetected until it affects self-esteem, and academic success. Early intervention is important to remediation.