In 2001, I taught in Wyoming’s Title I Summer School, using the LIPS, STARS, and V/V programs with 100 students per day. These students had reading difficulties, yet made great gains in just seven weeks.
Following this, I piloted a special program called the WEST (West Early Success Team) with 3 second grade teachers. The purpose of this was to eliminate special education referrals due to literacy problems.

Consulting/sharing information on how to restructure classrooms to improve daily reading skills in a inclusive model using Lindamood-Bell programs.

"I have enjoyed using the WEST program this year. I've seen a tremendous amount of growth in the students. They are excited about their learning, and the reading and writing process makes sense to them.
I've been able to spare a few children from placing into a Special Ed program. It's a great tool to have because you can use it for every subject."
Debra Dobbs
LIPS is single-handedly the easiest to implement and the most complete auditory/phonetic program I have ever used. This is the first year teaching second grade that I have no special education referrals and every child reading.

Heather Leonard
2nd Grade Teacher

The LIPS Program has helped to build in my students a foundation of auditory, visual, and vocabulary skills. Students have become more confident when reading and writing, and in sharing their toughts and ideas out loud. Teaching with the LIPS Program has made language arts/grammer lessons more fun and easier for the students to understand. LIPS will definitely be part of my language arts lessons for a long time to come.