After several e-mails and my son's conference, we knew that we needed outside help. As a teacher I knew what a pivotal year first grade was. We contacted Ada's Cool School.My son began seeing Mrs. Curtis twice a week. Millie is firm but fair. She uses a no-nonsense approach and has raised by son's self-esteem greatly using positive rewards!! At his last conference, my son's teacher couldn't say enough about his success. After needing special reading assistance at school, he is now in one of his class' highest reading groups.

Thank you Millie!!! 4/22/06
Dear Millie,
Just wanted to share the picture of Ian reading on a rainy day.You helped him soar!! Four years later and we cannot find enough books fast enough for this kid to devour! You were a godsend.Thanks you again.

Alice & Wade Wyant 5/17/2016
A year ago at this time, I went to our daughters conference. I left with a heavy heart, she was performing below grade level in math. I hated to see her struggle. We knew she was a smart girl- We just didn't know how to help her "get it". Her teacher recommended Ada Cool School. I called Millie the next day. A year later she is getting an A in math. The study skills she has learned are helping her in all subjects. She no longer dreads homework and tests. She's confident in her work and tells us "I got this". Thank you for helping her "get it"! With Millie's help, she's become the successful student we knew she could be!

Millie was recommended via a friend and thank goodness she did!! My daughter was struggling at school in English and Math skills, reading below grade level and was in the bottom 10th percentile in comparison to her classmates. Trying to helping her with homework at home was a nightmare and typically ended in tears on her end, frustration on my end. My daughter, as a result, had very low self confidence. Teachers could not get her to answer questions in class and she would typically ask for assistance with classroom work or homework before even attempting it on her own.

Millie was outstanding for my daughter!! Millie broke the classroom work down and tailored it so that my daughter could understand it in the way SHE needed to learn it. Millie provided tools for work at home that challenged her and made her grow in her knowledge which then increased my daughters self confidence. This year my daughter received straight A's in all subjects, spoke in front of the class, spoke in front of three fifth grade classrooms for student counsel elections (and was elected), has joined reading groups and has such great confidence in herself. I am confident my daughter has the skills to be successful as she heads into Middle School. Millie gave my daughter the tools, study habits and self advocacy skills needed to be a continued success. Millie has made a world of difference in my child's life and I do not believe my daughter would be the success story that she is without Millie.

Thank you so very much for the love and help you gave my kiddo. With infinite gratitude. Lisa McKenzie 8/2/2014
You child doesn't listen.....school personnel would tell us. Well, did anyone ever consider he could not read the directions on the board or what the written instructions stated on his English paper? Don't tell me he doesn't listen when a district will pass him to middle school with reading skills of a first grader!

I was referred to Millie by another parent who utilizes her tutoring services for her child. Our child has dyslexia. He learned to read (decode) using a private reading program specifically for those diagnosed with dyslexia. He missed out on so much language and was left behind in school.

We needed a person to work one on one with him to hone in on comprehension and academic skills. We knew what type of tutor we were looking for and did not believe it would be easy to find someone who could address all of his needs and catch him up. One thing I did not expect, but truly appreciated was that after Millie listened to the history and knowing his age, she was frantic. Someone cares as much as we do! Once a child gets to a certain age and has missed out on so much language through reading, a significant hole is created and they fall behind. They almost never catch up. Kids will drop out even when their true potential has not been tapped. Kids like this think its their fault. We could not get help in the schools. We were told our son was going to have limited choices and we refused to accept that.

I challenge anyone who does not know what the "Matthew Effect" is to look it up and understand why we as parents and Millie really do care. It's devastating, but we turned that devastation into action. I could tell from my interview with Millie that she is a professional experienced to address multiple learning styles as she was able to verbalize a plan of action that impressed me. Not an overnight or six month fix. But a plan/solution.

Because of Millie and her work with our son, we now have a kid who is confident, understands what he is reading, and knows how to find information. The hole is beginning to fill in. We can't believe what he says in the car when we pick him up. Mom, did you know that...? Millie taught me that and no one in school ever showed me that. Mom, did you know when you write a paper you are suppose to do this? Millie taught me that and no one in school ever taught me that.

Millie says he is a sponge.

Millie has a plethora of tools, workbooks and programs to address your child's weaknesses and unique learning style. Her plan with our son is working.

Dear God, Thank you for bringing Millie into our sons life!


"We feel so fortunate to have found Ada's Cool School. Our son started working with Millie two years ago in first grade after his classroom teachers saw him struggling with both math and reading. Millie gave him unique strategies that have helped him become a much stronger student.These tips, along with Millie's encouraging style, have helped to boost his overall confidence,which is a great added bonus to the weekly lessons."

I contacted Millie because my oldest daughter was still struggling with her reading, We had tried other programs offered by the school and elsewhere, but we never saw any significant improvement. We were given Millie's name and I called and set up an appointment. My daughter is entering 5th. grade this year and she tested at middle of 3rd. grade level reading. We were desperate and frustrated and feeling a bit defeated. She is very intelligent and yet there was this "piece" missing that hindered her improvement in reading and she did not like reading as a result of her frustration. After 8 or 9 weeks, I picked her up and she was now reading 5th grade 5th month!!! She got in the car so excited and asked if she could go to the library and get a high school book level book to see how well she could read it. WOW!!! Total transformation!!! Excited about reading, wanting to get more "difficult books" to see how much she could read. I also hear a major improvement in her reading out loud. I am so pleased and happy for her.She has become a different person.
If you are considering getting help for you chid(ren), I would recommend you look no further. Millie has done an amazing job!! She is also working with my 1st. grader and I am very pleased with her improvement. Millie does such a wonderful job with the girls. Her enthusiasm and passion are so uplifting. She really loves seeing kids "get it!" and helping them become better readers,better students, better people!!

Thank you Millie!!!! 8/17/2009
My daughter had been doing well enough in school, but there was something amiss. She received mostly B grades but I had noticed that she appeared to have some signs of dyslexia. I had her tested through the school system,but was told that her symptoms were not strong enough to test for dyslexia.She struggled at home with reading instructions and inverting numbers and letters.By the time she started 6th grade I knew something had to be done, and that is when I contacted Millie. I had been recommended Millie by a librarian at my daughter's school. Through Millie's initial testing,it was found out that my daughter was reading at a grade level of 4.5. She did the FastForword program and met with Millie for 1.5 hrs. a week, and she improved to an 8th grade reading level by the end of a 3 month period. Her grades improved and most importantly, she was more interested interested in her studies, and feeling more confident about school and her abilities.She is continuing to meet with Millie this fall to work on math skills and I cannot wait to see the results of that!!

Liz (parent of Forest Hills MIDDLE School Student)
After doing FastForword, I think it helped me focus better and be less distracted. Now, I can pick up a book and read it and not be distracted!! I can stay focused, before I did Fastforword I couldn't.

Tony (15 yrs.old) 5/06
As an optometrist, I have studied and witnessed the posiive effects vision therapy has had on struggling young readers, yet when my own son qualified for special education due to below average reading ability, I discovered vision therapy was not enough for him. When I learned my son had a phonemic awareness deficit, I had Millie Curtis tutor him for 1hour/day,3 days/week, for 2 months of the summer. Not only did his ability to read improve, but his self confidence soared!! His special education teacher was so impressed,she agreed to observe Millie's method of teaching so as to continue my son's success. Not only is Millie Curtis an outstanding teacher whose dynamic personality makes kids wants to read, but she is a compassionate person who is trying to make the schools of Grand Rapids aware of this very successsful program.--Diana Koslowske,O.D.

"After observing the program and reviewing the results, I am convinced that this program is the catalyst for success for many children who have struggled with a more traditional approach to reading. It is developmentally sound and research based. Susan Curtis is a gifted instructor who gives her all to her students. Her energy and commitment contribute significantly to student learning.

Jacqueline Brayman, Ed.D.

My son, Josh, was one of Millie Curtis' students this summer. He is a 15-year old boy who was born profoundly deaf. Millie and the LIPS Program are awesome!!! Josh has been successfully mainstreamed since the fourth grade. "We chose an auditory-oral approach (which means we wanted him to learn speech and language instead of sign language) from the beginning, but his speech still needed improvement. We were dissatisfied with the services provided by the school. That's where Millie comes in. This program taught him exactly how to produce sounds that he is not able to hear, helping him to feel how certain sounds are produced. Millie worked to accomodate his needs, adapting the program to work for Josh. She is the best. We highly recommend Millie for any student who may need support in speech and language . Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Mike and Karen Hembrough
E-mail mwhembro44@aol.com

"Finally, a balanced approach to literacy instruction! This program, under the direction of Millie Curtis, dramatically improves reading levels for all students. The students now have the tools they need to find success in all academic areas. The students, parents, and teachers all agree that this program empowers students to become successful learners."

Bradley Warren
Principal, West Elementary

The W.E.S.T reading program is great. My daughter did good in the program. She used to want to read books that were simple books. Now she is not afraid to read chapter books. She has confidence now. We are very proud of her. I think it is a good program.

Sheila Carver

Dear Mr. Thatcher,

I am writing this letter in support and praise of the Lindamood-Bell Phonemic Awareness program and the women who provide the instruction at Huntington Woods Elementary.

My son Nicholas has benefitted from this program immeasurable. Having worked with Ms. Curtis and Ms. Hartley for just a brief time, his reading capability is now in line with curriculum expectations. This is no small achievement as Nick was far below expected levels when he began his tutoring.

This program has enormous potential for helping all children learn to read, not just those with a reading disability. Please consider making this program a part of the mainstream elementary curriculum. Thank you.


Mary Jo Adams