Feb 2014

We couldn't be happier with the progress our son has made and we are so grateful to Millie for the amazing transformation we have seen in our son. Millie was recommended to us through our school, after seeing our son struggle with reading and becoming further behind in school. He was frustrated and lacked confidence, therefore he did not enjoy reading. We started seeing Millie when our son was in 5th grade. Millie is passionate and enthusiastic and very encouraging. Our son now enjoys reading aloud and not only has his reading level improved, but he is confident and wants to read now!!! Thanks so much to Millie for all she has done for our son, it truly is a transformation!
I wanted to thank you for all that you did for our daughter Lauren. When she began working with you she was struggling in school and we were all quite concerned. After working with you at Ada Cool School things have gotten much better for our daughter. Fast forward a few years. Lauren is now attending Grand Rapids Christian High School where she will be a Junior. She is now a straight A student. She has earned numerous academic awards, and will be taking Advanced Placement courses in her Junior year of high school.
Thank you for having a hand in all of her success. We are deeply appreciative.
All the best,
My daughter, who's is in third grade, has made remarkable progress in reading thanks to working with Millie Curtis for only three months. Millie is a fabulous teacher who takes a genuine interest in her students. My daughter loves working with Millie and looks forward to seeing her every week. I feel so lucky to have found Millie and am impressed daily by the confidence and skills my daughter has gained since she began going to Ada's Cool School.

November 20,2016
Both of our kids have a reading comprehension issue, since finding Millie last summer things have made a dramatic change!! Her style works so well with my kids, they really respond to her! Having kids who "hate to read" is very hard. Millie has managed to help them see it can actually be fun! My high school freshman has had to read books like Anthem and The Odyssey, not very attractive books to a 15 year old! Millie found a website that breaks these books down and put them into current day terms or situations!! Our freshman, who once declared she was going to "find a job were she never has read" has aced all of her tests on these books! She actually enjoyed them! You work miracles Millie Curtis and we love you very much!!

Our son was consistently trending below grade level as measured by standardized tests at school. Our son always had a natural curiosity and interest in learning. At some point, however, he became less interested in learning and began to fall behind. Mrs. Millie met with our son and took the time to assess his weaknesses. Our son was immediately captivated by the fun, yet challenging style Mrs. Millie used in re-engaging him. Mrs. Millie has discovered ways to connect with our son, while providing him the tools to be successful in the classroom.
I had heard about Ada's Cool School when my twins were struggling
in school years ago, and wished I would have brought them to Millie then. Now they are 14 years old and have been diagnosed with Central Auditory Disorder. This affects all areas of learning and socialization. Millie has taken them and started them where their teachers couldn't because there wasn't enough time and resources even with special education services. I decided enough was enough and pulled them out to homeschool them. Millie is an integral part of their education and I finally feel like they are getting what they need. She has them improving their speech, working on FastForword, vocabulary, comprehension strategies and socialization skills,while building their confidence. I have seen great improvements in their ability to read and comprehend passages.
Thank you Millie, you are a blessing to us. 11/10/15
Just when I thought I had no one to turn to for my 4th grade son's reading difficulties, a friend recommended Millie at Ada's Cool School. Michael had trouble forming correct sounds, reading comprehension , and reading fluency.He was always below grade level and lacked any confidence in himself.

So many things have changed since starting with Millie! With her hard work and use of the Fastforword program at home, Michael has grown leaps and bounds. He's forming the correct sounds, his comprehension is improving daily, and he's at grade level. What a relief!! Not only has he made these improvements, he's having a great time! Millie is tough in the most caring way, and I often hear laughter, versus tears, coming from the office.

Thanks Millie, not sure where he'd be without you!! 10/13/15
As a special education teacher I see too many students come to 9th grade without the proper tools to succeed as well as low self-esteem and numerous gaps in their learning For years they have been passed to the next grade lacking essential skills.
As a parent of a child with special educational needs, who came away from a school evaluation heart broken and devastated because we were told our son was "behind 1 1/2 years academically." I was frustrated!!I knew our son was losing self-confidence,wanted to do well, but struggled to know how to be successful. We knew, as his parents,he was capable and smart.
A co-worker who had worked with Ms. Millie for over 30 years recommended Ada's Cool School. That phone call literally changed the direction of our son's life.
Ms. Millie has worked with Joe on speech ( I cannot say enough about the LIPS Program), reading, and comprehension. Her involvement in the FastForword program has improved his memory and focus. With Ms. Millie's incredibly diverse knowledge base and experience, she continually assesses Joe's needs /where he is at, prescribes a specific plan to address those struggles. Then she amazingly makes all the hard work fun for Joe!!
Literally, because of Ms. Millie and her expertise, Joe has improved in all areas of communication and has given him a renewed belief in himself. He is more confident, feels capable, and does not give up as easily as before because he now has the right tools to know his goals are obtainable.
I'm afraid to think of where Joe would be if we had not found Ms. Millie. My only regret is that we did not find her sooner!! She has opened up our Joe's world to limitless possibilities and given us as his parents HOPE. I highly recommend to any parent who has a child that is struggling to make that phone call.!!

Shannon Mayo 9/14/15
My son, who is in first grade, started crying at school and did not want to go. He was quickly falling behind because he was unable to read. My husband and I met with his teacher and tried to figure out how we could help him. His teacher suggested we think about having him repeat first grade. We felt that repeating the grade would be the wrong course of action for our son.
Our son is a very bright, quiet and observant individual. He has had a history of multiple health issues. Through the advice of his pediatrician we made the difficult decision of not enrolling him in preschool, and he missed a very large part of kindergarten as well. We were well aware that he would be starting behind but felt he was capable of catching up.
We were surprised to see that at the first grade level the classroom provided very little chance of learning the fundamentals of reading and writing. The classroom is more focused on individual learning through worksheets. This type of learning environment was very frustrating for a child who could not read. Our child was anxious to learn and willing to work hard, but I felt that I was unable to provide the instruction he needed. I only had workbooks and worksheets for him as well. So, I reached out to his school, and his teacher is the one who told me she had heard good things about Millie and Ada’s Cool School from other families who had been to her. I immediately contacted Millie and although her schedule was already packed she met with me and started testing our son to see where he was academically.
Millie has seen a lot of children over the years. And, she can tell pretty quickly how well they will do with her. She immediately recognized that our son was very capable of learning, he just did not have the tools to do the job. She also recognized his confidence and self esteem were suffering as a result of his academic difficulties. She addressed all of these issues with our son and we quickly saw results. In three months he has progressed so much. He is reaching his expected reading level now. We are so proud of him and so thankful that we found Mille. She truly loves what she is doing and it shows. My family and I will be forever grateful that we found Millie. Her caring attitude combined with a truly effective learning program will allow our son the chance to reach his full potential.
Our daughter, Kendall has a couple challenges that inhibit the learning process and have made it critical for us to seek outside assistance in the are of education, Kendall was born with profound hearing loss and while she can hear with the aid of cochlear implants, she struggles in the area of speech and language. She has also been diagnosed with ADHD , which results in her not being able to attend and focus on the subjects at hand. Both of these challenges result in struggles with reading, comprehension. grammar, etc.. And as most of us know, these re the foundation and building block in education and without a proper base in these areas, can cause struggles in most subjects in school.

We were referred to Millie for her expertise not only as someone with a speech pathology background (which can be crucial to help those with hearing loss with a delay in speech and language) and who has worked in the education system, but as someone who has proven programs that work with struggling students. Kendall has been receiving services from Millie for a year now and we have seen definite results. Kendall is reading at her grade level and while still struggles in the area of comprehension, Millie's approach to helping her in these area has proven to be very successful.

Kendall will challenge even the most experienced teacher. But with Millie's no-nonsense approach to teaching and the incentives she provides, it gives Kendall the confidence to go further than she ever imagined!! Due to Kendall's challenges, many people will "feel sorry" for her and let her get away with some of the bad behavior she has exhibited throughout the years. Millie does not allow that to happen. She neer feels sorry for someone due to the struggles they may have She empowers them each individual and finds the uniqueness in each of them.. Millie knows that each child has the power to achieve more than they give themselves credit for, and with multitude of programs at her fingertips; she helps them reach their full potential.

We are thankful that we were pointed in the direction of Millie. Her guidance, expertise and teaching methods have been exactly what we need to help our daughter build the confidence for her to achieve the goals set her her academically.

Juli & Chris Wiseman
Parents to Kendall Wiseman, age 11, 4th grade.
"Millie's educational style and content expertise has not only helped my son (7th grd) improve his learning skills, but he has fun doing it! We planned to just do this for the summer, however, he wanted to continue through the school year. A sign that this is highly student center educational support!"

This is from a student I saw when he was in first grade.. he sent this as a graduation thank you..

Dear Mrs. .Curtis,
Thank you so much for everything you have done. Thanks to you, well I can talk like a normal person to begin with, as well as giving me the confidence in school!! You have made a very large impact in my life. I still remember coming to your house , and the first thing I would do is go to the fridge and grab a pop! I want you to know how much you have helped me find my way...

E.B. 7/8/2013
Individual tutoring at my house in the areas of speech/language/reading/math using Lindamood-Bell strategies.
Letters of Reference:

"My son (third grade) has been working with Millie on his reading for over a year. He has shown great progress. He has not only significantly improved his reading but also his confidence. Millie makes tutoring fun and knows how to motivate, but also requires hard work and pushes the student to achieve his/her best. She was also eager to coordinate her efforts with my son's teachers to maximize the benefits of his tutoring.I highly recommend Millie."

Peter Roth 1/29/2012
With Kaylee's hard work and Millie's teaching, guidance and support, Kaylee's well on her way to success. We are so lucky to have found Millie!! She is not only my kids tutor, but a friend to the whole family. I value her advice and my kids love working with her. Thank you for all you do for us!!!!!!!!!!!

H. McGuire 5/19/13
Currently my daughter is in elementary school and has an "IEP", she receives extra help by going to a "resource room" at her school. Still my daughter was continually behind. Yet the school keeps passing her. I have tried tutoring her myself, neighbors have helped, and one summer I hired a college student to tutor her. None of this worked Even after I read a glowing recommendation on Millie Curtis, I did not immediately call, (which is one of my biggest regrets). I continued to think,"Julia will catch up," but she never did.
Finally after nothing I did worked, I called Millie Curtis. Millie has been tutoring my daughter, (and will soon be tutoring my son) for almost a year. I can honestly say, "thank God for Millie Curtis." I don't know where my daughter would be without her. In less than 1 year my daughter's math, vocabulary,speech, reading and comprehension have improved greatly!! Think about it, if a child cannot read or do the same work as their peers, they will have a lack of self confidence. They may not want to go to school, do homework and reading will be as struggle or a battle- as it was for my daughter.
To find a tutor with Millie's qualifications and passion is rare...She uses a variety of educational techniques that WORK! Your child will realize their time with Millie is for learning not playing or wasting time. Millie creates a caring,structured, learning environment.
If you are fortunate enough to acquire a time slot for your child with Millie- do not hesitate, as time slots, if available fill quickly.
She will guarantee results and has a track record to back it up. My daughter adores her, (I believe the feeling is mutual!) I can honestly say with complete confidence, she will treat your child as she does mine.

Deb Whittaker 3/17/2013
We have a girl age 11 who started with Millie one year ago. Our daughter was well below grade level in math and reading. Her confidence was low and her anxiety was high. After only 2 sessions with Millie her attitude and confidence started to change. She is now at grade level, is on the Honor Roll, and her confidence as a student is soaring.

March 6,2013
My 5th. grade son had been a struggling reader since 1st. grade. He had dealt with health issues in early elementary and since has had a difficult time with reading fluency. After four years of reading pull-out services at his elementary school, three years of summer reading programs, and a semester at Sylvan,he was still three full reading levels behind. We began tutoring services at Ada's Cool School led by Millie Curtis, in the summer of 2012. Within six months my son was reading with confidence at grade level. Millie has vast experience in language arts and speech. Her unmatched ability to customize curriculum and implement effective learner strategies to help each unique child to succeed is amazing. We are very blessed to have been introduced to this program.

Peg, Rockford Mi. 12/16/2012
Millie has been so great for my daughter. She has never been so excited about learning to read. Millie also spends time with her working on her letter sounds despite not qualifying through the school system for reading or speech help. I can't say enough good things about Ada's Cool School!
about 8 months ago ·

Jennifer Yoder 10/2012
Dear Millie.
Just wanted to send you an email regarding Ian. What a difference a year makes...

Ian came to you at the end of 3rd grade, unable to read the simplest words. He had become unilaterally deaf in kindergarten and I thought maybe this contributed to his reading difficulty. I was looking for a diagnoses of a problem. You were looking at him differently. You saw his potential right away and told me you could him rebuild his confidence & along the way, he would read. I was skeptical. I was wrong. Ian enjoyed seeing you - You were the low key person who played games with him & in the process gave HIM tools so HE could figure it out. Your program of sounds and how they related was logical and made sense. I learned so much right along with Ian.

We are now at the end of 4th grade. Ian is reading and spelling (added bonus!) beyond what I could have hoped for. His confidence is soaring & he "gets" it now. He even tries to help his younger sister read "the way Ms. Millie taught him." From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You gave my little boy tools that he will use forever.

Alicia Wyant 5/4/2012
My son has been working with Millie for individual in reading for 2 years starting the summer after first grade. Her one on one work with him has built his confidence and self esteem and we have seen dramatic improvements in his phonemic awareness and reading skills. He spends one and one half hours at at time with her twice a week and never complains, he even recently asked to reschedule his session when he was sick!!!

Sarah Roth
Our family calls Millie, "Miracle Millie."
My daughter was in third grade reading at a first grade level and her teachers were considering her for special education until they found out her I.Q. was quite high.
I brought my daughter to Millie and she had her reading at a fourth/fifth grade level within three months!!
Millie taught her basic decoding/word attack skills using the LIPS program, which helped her become a better reader.
Because of Ada's Cool School, my daughter's confidence has soared!!!
Thanks to "Miracle Millie!"
We are thrilled with Ellie's progress. She's made significant strides in the last 9 months. It's been wonderful to watch her transformation from a struggling, frustrated student, to a happy girl who enjoys school and is performing at or above grade level.
Your insight into kids' different learning styles and ability to match them with appropriate strategies & programs is key-that, and the fact that you truly believe all kids can succeed...

We are truly grateful..
Susan W
Mom of 8yr. old girl in 2nd. grade
January 26,2012
My 2nd grader was really struggling in school academically and was well aware of it to the point of affecting her self-esteem.While her school was aware of it and giving her the extra help, I knew in my heart it wasn't helping and she needed a different approach. Millie was recommended to us by a good friend and we couldn't be more thankful. she has gone from well below grade level in math and reading to at above both areas in less than 4 months. Her confidence is back, and other than getting up early, she's looking forward to 3rd. grade, and is no longer worried that she won't do well. I've also enrolled one of my other girls with Millie since she was jealous of the fun her sister was having and she wanted to work ahead in math. I would highly recommend Millie and her programs to anyone needing a different approach to learning. It's been the best investment in my kids in so many ways!!
Thank you Millie
"Our daughter began to struggle with math in high school. We tried various approaches and techniques, but she continued to stumble her way through. We did a fair amount of research and thought we'd figured out what the problem was. We brought her to see Millie, fully expecting her to confirm our thoughts. After only a couple of sessions she told us that the problem we saw was secondary. The real problem was anxiety. The next few weeks our daughter spent with Millie were such an answer to prayer. Math is no longer the scary monster in the closet at our house!"

Thanks, Millie. You've been a blessing!
The Hands on Equations Program that Millie used to help me with algebra made all the difference!! I finally understood it, and don't feel helpless now when I look at any algebra problems. It also helped boost my math confidence in a the other areas of math too!!

Danica age 17
Dear Millie 2/1/11

You have created a monster!!!

My son was starting 4th grade and couldn't read. To see him now, you would never know that it is the same child!! He never puts a book down!! Every night I hear,"just 10 more minutes mom."

I can't thank you enough. His confidence has soared!!
My 2nd grade son was nervous, frustrated and unhappy preparing for his spelling and reading tests at school. Things were not making sense and he kept losing confidence in himself. Millie changed is life. She taught him building blocks and strategies he needed to succeed at school. Everything improved, his reading, spelling ability and attitude. Her engaging, no-nonsense style kept him motivated and interested in improving himself. Thank you so much Millie!!!!!

Chris 6/6/2010
Our 7 year old son spent the last 3 years in traditional speech therapy and received limited services thru the school district. However, we were convinced he was not making the progress he should have been. Thankfully, we found Millie and a whole new world has opened up. He has been with Millie for 3 months and the difference is startling.He is now beginning to read and his speech has improved very quickly. The LIPS program,FastForword,and Millie's passion for kids has made all the difference in the world.

June 4,2010

Our son started first grade in September of 2009, and within a couple of weeks his teacher was very concerned with his lack of progress. He was having trouble paying attention,following through with tasks, and his reading level was far below where is should have been. When we would do his homework, or ask him to read,he would become very emotional and frustrated. Even at his young age he realized other kids in his class were understanding assignments and reading at a far greater pace. As parents we were very frustrated that he was not getting all the help he needed. In late January we found Millie and our lives changed. She suggested that she meet with our son two hours a week, and that he also work with FastForword Program at home. What a difference five months have made!! He completed the FastForword Program, which gave him a good foundation for concentration, listening for directions, and auditory processing.The one on one time with Millie was amazing. After a couple of months he was progressing so quickly I began sitting with them during their tutoring sessions. I wanted to use the same technique at home. Our son will be completing first grade next week and he is consistently reading above third grade level!! His school work and confidence have improved significantly. There are no more arguments during homework time, and now he enjoys reading. I notice him reading street signs, cereal boxes, mail fliers,etc. It is truly amazing. We are so fortunate to have found Millie, and I believe she is not only gifted in tutoring kids academically but understanding them so well emotionally.

Cindy Vermetti
Millie has tutored our son for nearly a year. The endless educational resources she utilizes has enabled us to find the best avenue to address our son's deficit area. Millie's expertise in LindaMood-Bell is impressive but her dedication to helping kids believe they CAN learn skills that are difficult for them is truly inspirational. A child's self esteem can only be raised by working with Millie.
Karen Whalen
We have been bringing our granddaughter to Millie for just over a year. She gone from below grade level to at or above in all areas, from D's to B's and A's.
In addition, she has learned to focus her attention, which was something she had great difficulty with in the past.
Millie has helped our granddaughter immeasurably. 9/5/08
Our son started 1st.grade reading just above K-level. He was in a special reading program to improve his skills. After 6 months of this program, he was still at the same level as when he entered first grade. We had the good luck to meet Millie while my husband was installing flooring in her home. My husband came home and said Ms. Millie was tutoring children and all these children were reading confidently and happy to be there. We made arrangements to send our son there. J.D. went from barely able to read at K-level to second grade in 3 months. He is now a happy,willing reader!! He will enter 2nd. grade in a few weeks able to read at a third grade level. He will no longer have to be put in a "special reading group," and made to feel bad about himself.
Thank you,thank you, Millie for my child's self esteem and thank you for making it possible that he will now succeed in school. 8/25/08
Brendon is in second grade, and has struggled since Kindergarten with reading. The school identified his struggles early on, and sent him to remedial reading 4 days a week during first grade. At the start of second grade, it was determined he would not be seeing the remedial reading teacher as other students had greater needs than his. He became very frustrated,cried, and often withdrew when it came to reading time at school and home. After the fall Parent-Teacher conference,it became even more evident that we needed to take the initiative to get him extra help and fast. We spoke with a friend of ours that teaches special education, and she told us about the work Millie is doing in her classroom and Ada's Cool School.It was at this point that we contacted her to discuss our options and have her meet with Brendon. Millie has been a gift from heaven to Brendon and us!! After testing Brendon, she immediately recommended corrective actions, and the results have been phenomenal. She makes reading fun! Brendon looks forward to the time he spends with Millie, and is progressing in a manner we could not have begun to imagine.After just a few weeks,Brendon is reading at a third grade level. When the television commercials displays words, he is racing to read them and beat his brother to the punch line. When we are driving along, he tells us what every road sign says. Prior to seeing Millie, his confidence and self-esteem regarding reading would have prevented him from even trying to read the words out loud to family members. His whole world has opened up because of Millie and her commitment to him!! Thank you Millie for your knowledge, your love you show to Brendon and your dedication to be a confident reader.
If you would like to contact us regarding Brendon's journey, we would love to talk to you.

Dave and Elaine Kooy 3/6/07
I am a special education teacher with years of experience helping children and so when my son began struggling in school, I was confident that I could help him keep up in school. Each summer we worked doing reading and math programs, but by third grade I realized that we just couldn't accomplish a whole year worth of learning in the summer. Matthew was tested and found to be in the first percentile in auditory processing. More testing revealed he had a slight difference in his neurological system that might be the cause of all of these difficulties. Matthew continued to work diligently and never gave up on school, but he faced many struggles learning in the school environment.

Last summer I enrolled Matthew in Ada's Cool School. Matthew immediately loved Millie, and thankfully was eager to work with her. We enrolled in the FastForword Program and Matthew worked 90-minute sessions, 5 days weekly;completing his first program in about 10 days! He then enrolled in FastForword to Literacy. He worked the 90 minute sessions for 9 weeks and Millie surprised him with a great treat when he finished. Less than one month after completing the program, Matthew was doing well in school and for the first time did not complain of anxiety during school. Then came some wonderful news, Matthew made the honor roll!! Matthew's before and after test scores demonstrated a dramatic gain in his reading. More importantly,Matthew seems to have begun to process auditory information more effectively. Matthew continues to work with Millie to improve his understanding of linguistic concepts related to school studies. He is working on understanding the differences between facts and inferences,learning vocabulary,improving his reading speed and reading comprehension.
I am so happy we decided to give FastForword a try! I believe that Matthew's ability to process auditory information has improved because of his participation in the program. I highly recommend both FastForword and Millie's Cool School. It has given Matthew the tools he needed to succeed in school.

Arva VanderPloeg 2/2/07

I just wanted to take a minute to express how grateful Mike and I are for your dedication to Zac. When Zac started coming to you I did not think he would ever learn to read. He was 8 and at a K level-2 years behind his peers. The school systems do not seem to be set up for a person who is out of the mainstream. He kept losing ground each year and was not able to be in class with his peers. We started seeing signs of withdrawal and frustration and knew we had to find some other means to educate Zac. With your expertise and use of the LIPS program, Zac has been moved out of the categorical room and into the main classroom, with help from the resource room. The school system is shocked that he has been able to pick up ground...I have heard statements like, "this is out of the ordinary..kids of his learning ability usually do not move a grade a year."

Millie, Zac now talks about college and how he can go now because he can read. The education systems need more people like you. Your sincere dedication to the kids is shown everyday. You have a creative means to motivate in combination with your program techniques truly makes you "one of a kind" and a guardian angel to parents who have kids who have any type of L.D.

Carol Zichi
Our daughter really enjoyed and benefitted from her time at the Ada's Cool School. She has learned different techniques to assist her with comprehension,studying for tests, and analyzing problems. From this, her self confidence has definitely improved.

Millie's programs and style of teaching have worked wonders for our son. He has been tutored by Millie for nearly a year and his reading proficiency has really improved!! It takes time and effort, but Millie makes the work fun and challenges the kids to do their best. She has been a lifesaver for our highschooler..we only wish we had met her years sooner!!
Steve and I were talking about car sales people, Linda left and he already needed to hire one person, now he had to hire 2 people. I told him he needed a Millie!! He said the car dealer in Troy has a Millie-type who is their top producer. Not that you want to sell cars, but it is a complement that you are a go-getter,efficient, and just one in a million.

Thanks for all you do,
Becky 5/2/2006

The other day Zac came home from school all excited that he passed another SRA test which bumped him to the next level of reading. As he was telling me, he raised his hands and in a delightful squeal said," thank God for Mrs. Curtis."

His 5th grade teacher started Zac off at K level for reading which was upsetting him. He would come home and say,"they have me reading baby books." He is working very quickly disproving their judgement in his abilities and knows without your support would not be able to do this.

Just wanted to thank you for all you do for him.
Carol Zichi
Our son Ethan has tried so many reading programs, and has had several tutors that have failed to teach him to read. Even the school had given up on Ethan. By the time he was in the 6th. grade, he could read at a 1st. grade level. His self-esteem was so low that he would just cry when he had to read. He hated school and was beginning to have behavior problems in the classroom. My husband and I knew we had to get him to read in a few months. When I finally found Millie, she told me she could help him read in a few months. Of course, my husband was skeptical. As time went by and we saw her work with him, I was seeing something I had never seen before. My husband could not believe the improvement in Ethan's reading. When he finally sat in on one of Ethan's tutoring sessions, he was touched on how much Millie truly cared about Ethan and wanted him to learn how to read. Within a few months, she gave us for the first time, hope and RESULTS! Ethan's personality began to change and he finally believed that he could learn to read.

Millie has truly changed Ethan's future. No longer does Ethan depend on us to read things for him. He is now able to read at a 7th.grade level and continues to grow. The best sound at home now, is hearing Ethan reading at loud. Even on our way to Millie's house,Ethan enjoys reading all the billboards and signs on the road. For the first time, Ethan is reading chapter books by himself. For Christmas, he received an X BOX and I watched him read the directions to the game by himself. Everyday he is becoming more independent, and this is the best gift a mother could ever receive. Please Millie, never stop helping children to read. You truly have the gift to teach and we will never be able to repay you for helping our son. For othe first time in Ethan's life we are discussing future college plans.
Thank you so much Millie!!

John & Pamela
1-616-459-3111 work
We were elated with the progress made and focus gained on the FastForward program. Our daughter was able to increase her performance on the ACT test from a 20 to a 24 (from the 49th percentile to the 77th percentile) and gain confidence in her ability to deal with the pressure of standardized tests.

She undertook the program at the end of the summer and was able to fit it into a very busy senior year schedule (including varsity tennis). The ability to schedule and do the program around her schedule was a big advantage. Millie was extraordinarily flexible in helping us make it all work!!

Kay L. Hubbard
January 2003

To whom it may concern:

My husband and I knew that we needed to get some professional help in reading for our oldest daughter Allison. My husband pointed out an ad, he ran across in the Advance Newspaper. It was advertising"Ada's Cool School" for a summer reading program. I contacted the school and explained to Millie Curtis that we needed help to overcome Allison's struggles in reading.

At the time our decision (April 2002) to get some extra help, Allison was in the first grade for the second time. Although Allison was doing much better in first grade, she still was having trouble reading. Reading was always a chore and never a pleasure. She had difficulty sounding out words due to the lack of skills. Initially when Millie tested Allison she was at the mid first grade level. Millie suggested to us to get started immediately with her program. Her enthusiasm gave us much hope that we would soon be on the right track. Allison has met with Millie for two one-hour sessions each week through the summer and one hour per week after school commenced.

Allison is currently reading at her grade level and scored double in the area of Phonemic Awareness and overall has made great improvement in word recognition and comprehension. She is doing much better in spelling and can do her math independently. I'll even find her reading stories to her brothers and sisters and feeling GOOD about doing so. Allison has made great improvements with the help of Millie. The first and most important thing Millie accomplished is building Allison's confidence. Allison no longer has to guess at reading. Millie worked Allison "to the bone" as she called it at most sessions with great results. Allison would not have been to this point if it weren't for the feverish efforts of Millie to give her the skills in reading she needs to be a successful reader.
Millie uses a great variety of tools such as computer programs, books,games etc., which has made reading interesting and fun for Allison.

We are very thankful for Millie and the Lindamood program she uses to make children such as Allison a success. Millie certainly has given it her all and we highly recommend her program and expertise.


Metty Boerkoel

To Whom It May Concern:

In September 2001 my husband and I knew we had a problem. We had a seven-year old little boy who hated to read. Not only did he hate to read, when we did get him to sit down and read us a story, he would choose a book above his reading ability and then he would get frustrated because he needed help with many words.

The little boy I am referring to is my oldest some, Tyler. He was seven and just starting his second grade year. As part of his homework in second grade he had to do a weekly “reading log”, which meant he was required to read nightly and fill out his log. Needless to say, each night when we would sit down to read, Tyler was frustrated, I was frustrated and it was apparent that we all needed some help.

One evening while I was looking through the Advance Newspaper there was an ad advertising a “Reading Tutor”. It was a small ad that simply said Reading Tutor, specializing in the Lindamood-Bell program, please call. I told my husband about the ad and he immediately said he was calling. He had several conversations with Millie Curtis. He explained to her that Tyler hated to read and he would choose books beyond his ability and then become frustrated because he couldn’t read them. He also said that Tyler had great difficulty with his vowel sounds.

Millie told us she would want to meet with Tyler twice a week for an hour each time. She felt strongly she could help Tyler and she was very confident in the Lindamood-Bell program. We knew that Tyler’s school also offered a pull out reading program. Tyler had already been in that program for half the year in first grade and we saw very little improvement. We felt that Tyler might be in need of a different approach so my husband and I made the decision to use Millie Curtis and the Lindamood-Bell program.
We truly owe Millie and the Lindamood-Bell program our deepest gratitude. Millie Curtis is a great teacher and the Lindamood-Bell program has worked wonders for our little boy. The Lindamood-Bell program is a fabulous program, it is a program that is easy for children to grasp and easy for adults to understand and be able to see where the program is going. I feel so strongly about this program I wish it were used in my son’s school.

We have stopped Tyler’s tutoring now for two months and Tyler still continues to make gains in his reading ability. I will be forever grateful to Millie Curtis and the Lindamood-Bell program.


Ann Humphries